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Welcome to Abreu & Associates Immigration Services, your trusted partner for all your immigration needs in the Dominican Republic.

Our experienced team is committed to providing comprehensive solutions to help you navigate the complexities of visas, residencies, citizenship, and more. Discover how we can assist you in achieving your immigration goals.

Visa Services

Obtain the necessary visas to visit or stay in the Dominican Republic effortlessly. Our expert team handles the paperwork, ensures compliance with requirements, and streamlines the application process.

Dominican Residency

Residency Solutions

Secure your place in the Dominican Republic with our residency services. Whether you're seeking provisional or permanent residency, we guide you through the entire process, making it smooth and hassle-free.

Domincan Residency Renovation

Residency Renewal

Renew your residency status in the Dominican Republic hassle-free. Our experts handle the paperwork and guide you through the renewal process, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Dominican Citizenship

Citizenship Acquisition

Unlock the benefits of Dominican citizenship with our tailored guidance. We assist you in meeting the requirements, preparing the documentation, and navigating the naturalization process.

Invertir en Republica Dominicana - Paraiso

Investments Opportunities

Explore the thriving investment landscape in the Dominican Republic. Benefit from our market expertise as we assist you in identifying lucrative opportunities and guide you through the investment process.

Special Tax Incentives Dominican Republic

Special Tax Incentives

Take advantage of special tax incentives in the Dominican Republic. Our team can help you navigate the tax landscape, ensuring that you optimize your investments and maximize your benefits.

Dominican Driver's License

Dominican Driver's License

Secure your Dominican driver's license quickly and efficiently. Our experts guide you through the application process, ensuring that you meet all the requirements and obtain your license hassle-free.

Dominican Document Translation Service

Translation Services

Ensure accurate and reliable translations for your documents. Our professional translators offer high-quality translation services in multiple languages, ensuring that your messages are effectively conveyed.

Dominican Republic Apostille Services

Apostille Services

Authenticate your documents with our efficient apostille services. We handle the legalization and certification process, ensuring that your documents meet the necessary requirements for international use.

Fingerprinting for Background Checks FBI and RCMP

Fingerprinting for Background Checks

Meet the requirements for FBI or RCMP checks with our fingerprinting services. Our trained professionals assist you in obtaining the necessary fingerprints for your background check process.

Dominican Driver's License

Health Insurance

Protect your well-being with comprehensive health insurance coverage. We offer tailored health insurance solutions that provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind during your stay in the Dominican Republic.

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