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Are you Dominican looking for American visa Residency Services?

In order to apply for a residency visa, the following documents are required:

  • Passport valid for travel to the U.S. – Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the U. S. (unless exempt by country-specific agreements). If more than one person is included in your passport, each person who needs a visa must submit a separate application.
  • Nonimmigrant Visa ApplicationForm DS-160 needs to be filled out and applied for online
  • Application fee payment receipt, if you are required to pay before your interview
  • Documents establishing ties to the petitioner – marriage certificate, birth certificate
  • Identity documents of petitioner – birth certificate, passport, driver’s license
  • Photo – You will upload your photo while completing the online Form DS-160. If the photo upload fails, you must bring one printed photo in the format explained in the Photograph Requirements.

Additional documentation may be required once the file advances in stages.

To apply for a tourist visa :

  • The purpose of your trip;
  • Your intent to depart the U.S. after your trip; and/or
  • Your ability to pay all costs of the trip.

Evidence of your employment and/or your family ties may be sufficient to show the purpose of your trip and your intent to return to your home country. If you cannot cover all the costs for your trip, you may show evidence that another person will cover some or all costs for your trip.

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