Bank Account Setup in Dominican Republic

Foreign Nationals can set up accounts with Dominican banks even without holding residency status. By providing the required documentation and presenting a valid passport, an account can be set up within days. There are banks that can set up accounts within 72 hours of receiving the required documents. Important fact, foreign nationals that are in the country illegally or have overstayed beyond the expiration date of their visa or tourist card will not qualify to set up a bank account.


  • Valid passport
  • Driver’s license or National ID
  • Bank statements from bank in country of origin (three months)
  • Social Security Card (for U.S. citizens)
  • Tax returns for the last two year
  • Income documents (pay stubs, employment letter, documents of incorporation etc.)

The documents can be sent to the bank digitally and an appointment will be set once the bank’s due diligence is complete. On that date, the paperwork will be signed, and a deposit can be made into your new bank account!

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